RapidMiner within KNIME

Finally this is working without (known) problems:

So it handles nominal (String) values (in the first setup within RapidMiner the w values were cluster-0, and cluster-1), we can add/remove new columns (the id column is added), add/remove/generate rows within RapidMiner.
The possible ways to improve:
  • Add views from RapidMiner,
  • Add a configuration dialog to the KNIME node using the RapidMiner UI (with correct input setup),
  • Multiple input/output ports (easy),
  • Documentation,
  • Keep only the necessary amount of data in memory (for the input table),
  • On configuration compute the result column types within KNIME.
I think this would be really cool, as RapidMiner offers some methods (like data validation, Fourier transformation, ...) that are not available within KNIME, although this brings those options to them.
The problem is with the licence of RapidMiner: AGPL, or commercial. I think I have to ask for commercial licence.


  1. Yes, there is a license conflict. The KNIME license does not comply to AGPL (Affero GNU Public License) and KNIME does not comply to GPL (GNU Public License).

    Since GPL (including its newer variation AGPL) is the most widely used open source license world-wide, I wonder why KNIME does not use AGPL / GPL for its software, but its own non-compliant license.

    Hence, if you would like to use RapidMiner inside KNIME (or even distribute your KNIME extension to others), you need to ask KNIME for an AGPL-licensed version of KNIME or you need to ask Rapid-I for a RapidMiner OEM license:


  2. Hi,

    quote from the KNIME licence (http://knime.org/downloads/license) page:
    "KNIME is released under the GNU General Public License, Version 3 (including certain additional permissions according to Sec. 7 of the GPL Ver. 3)", for me it looks like it is licenced under GNU GPL (actually with additional permissions), may I ask why does it not comply to GNU GPL?
    I have not distributed this yet so I think I am still on the safe side. ;) Anyway, I will ask both parties about this. (I guess you are from RapidMiner.)
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. You are right - KNIME is released under GPL and the additional permission ("Torvald's exception") allows you to add nodes and release them under any license scheme you choose. So from the KNIME side you are absolutely safe.